Photos 12.27

It’s my intention to someday be able to shoot decent photography. I go on trips every year with Thom and often stand right beside him as we each take pictures of the landscape with our respective cameras. Of course I realize that my camera isn’t nearly as advanced, flexible, or expensive as Thom’s equipment, but it still seems to me that even with a junky camera Thom would be able to take far better pictures than I can. There’s just something about his artistic take on a scene that I can’t duplicate. Yet they say practice makes perfect, so I figure if I practice photography, I may be able to come up with the occasional lucky shot.

Along a similar vein, when I was putting together our annual Christmas photo card, I was hard-pressed to find a lot of pictures of us throughout the year. It’s kind of a shame, because we have plenty of adventures, but I simply don’t have a camera with me all the time and even when I do– on trips, for example– I tend to take pictures of the landscapes instead of the people. I need to be better about photographing my kids, especially now that they’re reaching the age where they’ll start leaving home.

As a result, yesterday I decided I need to put more effort into my photography. I’m going to bring a camera with me more often, and I’m going to simply take more pictures. Some might be boring or interesting only to me, but a guy’s gotta start somewhere. I’ll post some of the pictures here on my blog. If nothing else, over the course of the next year maybe there will be a nice evolution as I improve in skill.

With that said, here are a couple of pictures from our family outing to Old Chicago for dinner last night.