Cancun, here we come

For a few years, we’ve talked as a family about taking “one big trip” before the kids start leaving home and starting their independent lives. Well, the clock is ticking and we’re now counting down Alex’s time at home in months. In May he’ll graduate, and shortly thereafter he’ll head out on a mission and after two years it’ll be time for college. Yikes! If we’re going to do this, we need to do it soon.

So today, after considerable thought and planning, Laralee and I committed to a family trip to Cancun over spring break. It’ll be at an “all-inclusive” resort, which really means “mostly inclusive” because all of the fun things we want to do– like jet skiing, parasailing, and swimming with the dolphins– cost extra. Still, it should be a really cool trip and a chance to have one last big fling as a family before Alex heads out into the world.

I hope it’ll look something like this:


And not like this: