The tedium of spam is really starting to annoy me. Although I’ve got great spam filters running, I still download a couple hundred messages every day and have to sort through them to get the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately everything dumps into a single folder, and I can quickly scan subject lines (“Vi@gra”? What’s that?) and delete all the crap. There’s maybe one legitimate message each day– someone who isn’t in my address book, or is using an alternate account.

Although I love the ability to have a “catch-all” mail account– which lets any address at my domain deliver to me– I think that’s a big part of the problem. These spammers pick random names (and even sequences of numbers) and just fire away. Since everything gets routed to my “jeff” account, I get all the spam. Whee.

So last night I turned off the catch-all, and left only the handful of legitimate addresses I actually use. I didn’t expect a dramatic difference, but imagine my surprise when the spam load dropped by about 70%. Woo hoo! Now I’ll only have to sort through 40-50 messages…