I’ve never been a fan of the Pervasive database product. I have to use it for one of my clients, and it’s always been nightmarish to integrate against, and the tools bundled with the software are hideous. Without going into boring technical details, let’s just say it sucks as a database package.

Just now I went to the company’s web site to see if I could track down a service pack they released, and I typed

No web site is configured at this address.

Hmm. Maybe they finally died a quiet death and went out of business? On a whim I tried [link:www.pervasive.com instead. Sure enough, their site came up just fine.

What kind of loser webmaster doesn’t take care of the case where you don’t type the “www” in front of the domain name? This is just plain lazy, and in my opinion it’s bad for business. It makes you look technically incompetent.

Anyway, now to find that dang service pack…