Last night we went to a play. Yes, an actual live, onstage performance. I can’t even say when the last time I saw a play was– it’s been that long. This particular one was called “The Creature Creeps” and it was directed by my buddy Myles. In addition to the support-a-friend motivation, Laralee and I had an urge to just go out and do something different. There are only so many variations on the “let’s order a pizza and rent a DVD” date theme.

After a failed attempt to get a babysitter for the kids, we decided to just bring them along and see what happened. It turns out they loved it. Zack busted a gut at one of the characters, and Alex and Kyra caught some of the tongue-in-cheek puns that littered the dialogue. The whole thing was, to use Myles’ term for it, “campy”. But it was all around fun, and a great way to spend an evening without ordering a pizza and renting a DVD.

Three cheers for the North Stage Players!