Fire station

Last night, as part of our continuing quest to make cookies and deliver them to random people, we decided to take a plate of chocolate-chip deliciousness to the local fire station. It was about eight o’clock at night, but of course firemen are always on duty, so we rang the bell and presented the cookies.

It may have been a slow night, because they invited us in for a tour of the station. We spent about an hour talking with Monty (the lieutenant), Todd (the engineer), and Amy (the paramedic). The three of them have been working the same shift for years– Monty, in fact, has been a fireman for 38 years. They’re good friends and love working together. They showed us the trucks, talked about how calls come in and are dispatched, told us about their training, and on and on. We had a lot of questions and ended up having a great time. The level of experience and dedication these guys possess is pretty impressive. It’s good to know we’re in good hands in an emergency.