Behold the knickknacks

In our family room there’s a light that illuminates the mantel above the fireplace. I suppose if we were the kind of people who had a beautiful well-decorated home with tasteful coordinated wall hangings, it could be pretty cool to highlight a photo and some decorations.

Instead, we have this.


The photo is by Thom, from a trip we took to Monument Valley. And the knickknacks are, well, just a random collection of stuff gathered over the years, including such things as:

* A Galileo thermometer
* A hollow glass globe with an intricate painting on the inside
* A swordfish we found twenty years ago at a touristey store in Estes Park that was going out of business
* A weird wooden carving of a beaver
* A second swordfish, this one made out of clay, which Alex gave us in second grade or so

I guess every home is different. Ours is… well, just a little more different than most.