Our Town

Laralee and I were cleaning out some stuff in her office this afternoon, and as we cleared off one of the bookshelves I found the script for the first play I acted in during high school: Thornton Wilder’s Our Town.


I think it was my sophomore year, which would’ve been 1987. I turned to Zack and said, “I even remember my first line: ‘Mornin’, Doc! Want your paper now?'”

And sure enough…


But my favorite memory was Dirk’s line. He only had one line in the entire play (unlike me, with my vast array of five or six!) and everyone in the cast knew it, so during practices we’d all shout along with him: “Oh, Ma! By ten o’clock I got to know all about Canada!”


Alas, neither Dirk nor I took this promising start in the theater to become famous actors (although he did major in theater in college).