Zaque’s Dating Tips

It’s a long story, but Zack (who writes his name “Zaque” now) wrote a series of dating tips. They’re hilarious. Here’s a sample:

Q: How should you start your date?
A: Using cheesy pick-up lines.

Q: What should you do to keep your date’s attention?
A: Constantly switch accents as you talk.

Q: What’s a good way to ask someone out?
A: Hide a chicken wing in her shoe with your phone number on it.

Q: What should you give your date as a gift?
A: A rock that says “From my first date with _____”.

Q: What is the ultimate girl magnet?
A: A horse mask.

He insists that he is actually planning to (1) ask out a girl with a chicken wing in her shoe, (2) give her a rock, and (3) wear a horse mask. Fortunately we’re still a few years away from this… I’m interested to see how it plays out.