Last night we all went to a Harry Potter theme Halloween party. Imagine a room full of people dressed mostly in black (since everyone at Hogwarts wears black in some form) with about half a dozen little Harrys running around… what a riot.

Both Kyra and Alex had their names drawn in a contest, and they were rewarded with prizes from a big pile of unbelievable toys. As a parent I could only smile with pride as they both picked… eyeball whoopie cushions.

That’s right, kids, the fun never stops when you have a little farting eyeball to drop on the chairs of unsuspecting guests! The kids thought it was an absolute gas (ha ha) but unfortunately the craftsmanship wasn’t up to the challenge, because as they continued to “test” them by literally jumping on them, each of the poor eyeballs blew a hole.

Too bad, because you never know when you need a farting eyeball…