Smart appliances

La and I were at Lowe’s today and I noticed a “smart” refrigerator. One of the doors had a huge touchscreen display on it.


I drew a smiley face in the “Family Hub” area, and thought that was definitely worth the $3,000 price tag. There was an option to take a photo of the food inside and label everything with expiration dates… a feature that is probably cool for about two days and then becomes tiresome. Best of all, apparently you can listen to music (via Pandora) on your fridge. Because hey, who wouldn’t want that?

Next to the fridge was a smart oven that advertised wireless networking. I guess that solves the age-old mystery about “did I leave the oven on?” after you leave home.

I’m a big fan of technology, but I’m just not sure a musical fridge and a wifi oven are high on my list.