A few months ago, Zack decided to change how he spells his name. Everywhere he uses his name– high school classwork, online forms, video games, etc.— he’s taken to using “Zaque”. Clever? Sure. Weird? Absolutely.

For a long time I resisted using that spelling when I referred to him, but Laralee pointed out that we need to be supportive of his quirks. It reminded me of the scene from The Italian Job where Napster insists on being called Napster (rather than Lyle) and won’t answer to anything else. So okay, if Zaque insists on doing this, I suppose there’s a footnote in a parenting handbook somewhere that says I should support him in it.

Recently a few people have seen this, and remarked to me, “That’s how you spell his name now?” to which I’ve replied, “No, that’s how he spells his name.”

We’ll see if this lasts into adulthood, or if it’s just the passing phase of a quirky (but clever) fifteen-year-old…