This morning I found a baby rabbit in my window well again. Maybe it was the same one from yesterday, and he still hasn’t figured out gravity. In any case, this time it was Zaque who rescued him.

I told Zaque he should let the little guy go, and he said “in a little while”. I headed out to meet up with a friend, and Laralee and Kyra were both gone, so Zaque worked on some chores around the house. When I came back a little over an hour later, I asked if the rabbit had been set free. It turned out he’d been hiding out in Zaque’s sweatshirt, just tucked away in the corner of a big pocket.

Zaque had tried to feed him strawberries and some water, but the rabbit didn’t seem interested. He was actually pretty content to just sit with Zaque. It was pretty funny to see my teenage boy enjoying some gentle, quiet time with a little animal. Laralee came home and, after hearing the story, commented that maybe we should get Zaque a pet. No thanks.

Eventually he was returned to the wild. I guess I’ll keep an eye on the window well in case he decides to drop in again.