In a fit of boredom (after finishing the annual Christmas card-letters) I decided to poke around the ol’ cyberschroeder web site. I looked at the statistics for the month, and was surprised by some of the search terms people used to get to the site (see the screenshot following):

“Short stories for English class” — Okay, they were probably a bit surprised when they found my rather cheesy writing, but hey, maybe one of them will turn out to be a publisher.

“Journal entries by President Bush” — Well, ol’ Dubya hasn’t written any entries in my journal, but there are certainly some pieces about him.

“Wonder Woman stationery” — I can’t even imagine why someone would search for that, but maybe they know Sarah and her penchant for the lady with the magic lasso.

“Reality in a Box” — This is the title of one of my stories, and certainly an unusual phrase. Maybe my fame is sweeping the globe and people have heard of the killer story.

“UMR homecoming” — Hello, fellow Rolla grads, wherever you are!

“Craig chancellor” — Ahh, who can forget my good pal Craig “Chancellor” Wyzik, who is mentioned many times in the blog?

“Devastatin Dave Zip Zap Rap lyrics” — Whoa. This one is just plain scary, because it means there must be some Devastatin’ Dave fans out there. Too bad the only reference I have to Dave is the classic Worst Album Covers page.

“Annelise LeCheminant” — Fans of my friend Annelise; cool!

All in all, I guess it goes to show people look for some pretty interesting stuff on this thing we call the world wide web…