‘Tis the season for Christmas cards.

As usual, Laralee and I are sending cards to pretty much everyone who’s anyone, which includes about 150 friends and family. I’m also sending the usual cards to my clients, and this year that’s about 40. Yikes.

Of course, when you’re looking at making and mailing nearly 200 cards, you’re also looking at pretty much anything that will streamline the process. Instead of buying cards at the store, printing a Christmas letter that no one really reads, and then writing in all those cards (even if it’s as simple as “Hey, Bill, hope you have a good one!”) we decided to print our own cards. No letter this time– just lots of fun pictures. No signatures– they’re scanned. Buy some card stock and some half-page-sized envelopes, and you’re in business. Print, fold, stuff, stamp, send.

It’s sort of sad, really, to consider how much of an assembly-line process it’s become. But at the same time, there’s simply no way to give all of these cards the personal attention I’d like. Thus, when I was stuffing all these cards late last night (Laralee was feverishly wrapping gifts), I felt a twinge of guilt. But only a little twinge.