Grill vs TV

Zaque has been shoveling the driveway of an older couple who lives near us. They’ve decided to move to Arizona, so they’re unloading a bunch of things from their home that they no longer need. Apparently the woman, Maggie, called Laralee last week and asked if we wanted their 52″ flatscreen TV, or perhaps their barbecue grill. La said she wasn’t sure what we’d do with the TV, but the grill would be fine.

I was astounded. A free 52″ flatscreen TV? I’m pretty sure we would’ve found something to do with it! Zaque said he would’ve loved to use it as a computer monitor for his video games. I told La that even if we ended up not needing it, we know people who would jump at the chance. But of course by then, Maggie had found a new home for the TV and only the grill was left. Yesterday we picked it up. It’s a nice grill, to be sure, but I think a general life rule is: when you have an opportunity for a free 52″ flatscreen TV, you say ‘yes’.