Mystery muffins

Last night I made some muffins at home, and this morning I brought them to the office. I mentioned it on Slack, our internal chat tool:

jeff [09:15] Blueberry + chocolate chip muffins in the break room. Don’t ask about why.
ben [09:16] You know that I just want to ask now
ben [09:16] I wouldn’t have otherwise
cody [09:17] shifty muffins are my favorite muffins
ben [09:21]

Jeff: Good morning class, I brought muffins for you today because I am kind, wise and generous!!
Perky Student: Thanks Mr. Schroeder, I love muffins!
Full Mouth Student: What kndt ff mffns rr dey sweader?
Jeff: Blueberry and Chocolate!
Full Mouth Student: [DED]
Perky Student: [SCREAMING] He had a deadly blueberry allergy!!
Jeff [INTERNAL MONOLOGUE]: I guess I have another one on my conscience. At least I can bring these to my loyal staff at work. I hope no one asks why.

Well played, Ben, well played.

(The full story is that I have a young woman in my seminary class who’s allergic to enriched flour, so I buy a muffin mix that doesn’t contain it, and bake a few muffins for her whenever we have food in class. She requested chocolate chips, and even when I said it was a blueberry mix and that would be weird, she insisted it was good stuff. So I made them, brought them to class, and… she didn’t show up. Hence, the office.)