The ‘fro had to go

Zaque’s hair is unlike anyone else’s in the family– it has a lot of body, and when he just lets it grow unfettered, it turns into a curly mass on the top of his head. The other day he admitted that it might be getting a little long.

Yeah, almost 2 inches… and that’s with it sort of matted down.

I offered to cut it for him, but he decided Mom would be best. So Laralee took the trimmers and shaved off at least an inch all around. The result actually looks pretty similar, but trust me when I say it’s half the hair he used to have:

The next day, it was funny to hear several of the girls in my seminary class commenting about how they liked his “new hairstyle”. Of course there was nothing new about it– it was just shorter. He pretends not to care about the opinions of the girls, but come on, he’s a sixteen-year-old boy…