For over fifteen years, I’ve shopped at various times at B&H Photo and Video, which is a family-owned camera and electronics business in New York. They have good prices on everything, and I always prefer the mom-and-pop stores over the behemoth corporations.

Now that I’m getting more serious about my photography, I find myself poking around for better lenses, and that journey often takes me over to B&H. Today I was looking at a few lenses, and although I wasn’t ready to click “buy” on any of them, I noticed this message at the top of every page on the web site:

Clearly the B&H owners are Jewish, and since it’s Saturday, they’re observing Shabbat. I think it’s really cool that they actually close their online store during their holy day. I have a deep respect for people who don’t let “the world” interfere with their faith.