And that’s a wrap

There are four more days of high school this semester, so I was planning on four more days of seminary (we have class every day there’s school). But to my surprise– and the surprise of all the other seminary teachers– last night there was an announcement by the program leaders that today would be the final day.

Although I was happy not to have to wake up at 5am for three more days, I also had to scramble a bit because I had to combine some lessons I’d planned, and then figure out how to throw the end-of-year party I’d been planning. So I spent some time re-planning my lesson last night, gathering some party supplies, and even stopped off at the grocery store around 5:45 this morning to pick up doughnuts and drinks (doughnuts are always popular in seminary).

When I arrived in my classroom, I was treated to an impressive display of table-stacking, Jenga chairs, and a breathtaking amount of toilet paper.

We all laughed a lot, then cleaned up surprisingly quickly, dug into the food, and I taught a 15-minute rush lesson. We ended with a hilarious award ceremony and some class photos.

And of course the “Oscar selfie”…

Man, I love these yahoos. It’s been a privilege and a blessing to spend 165 of my mornings with them this school year. They’re amazing kids.

Now, I can look forward to staying up late and sleeping in again…