Today was a gorgeous fall day, so Laralee and I headed out on a walk. I brought my camera, thinking I might catch some pretty fall colors in the trees, but I think I’m about a week too late– most of the leaves are brown and crispy, not orange and red. Still, I managed to catch a few fun shots.

These aren’t weird trees– they’re some kind of plant in someone’s backyard.

We really enjoy the sidewalk that runs along the creek near our house. It’s a good route to head out into town.

The ground is covered in a thick layer of leaves. Last week’s snow accelerated the fall of the leaves, I think, and they’re everywhere because no one’s taken much time to rake them yet.

We found a fun little swing near the creek. Someone had climbed into a tall, ancient oak tree to tie it. Because the ropes were so long (maybe thirty feet) it took some effort to get much momentum.

There weren’t any cattails in this part of town (they’re mostly around the lakes) but Laralee was captivated by these little seed pods. They’re stuffed full of seeds with fluffy white tops, and when they burst, the seeds float away on the wind. Pretty cool!