Dream journal

Zaque is taking a psychology class this semester, and really enjoys it.  Their current assignment is to keep a “dream journal” for a few weeks, presumably to analyze those dreams. Here are a few entries in Zaque’s journal:

It was St. Patrick’s Day, and I dressed in SO much green that people literally fainted when they saw me.

Possible meaning: green=money

Kyer was a surgeon, but he ran out of organs, so we went out and stole them from people.

Possible meaning: organs=life?

I had to catch cats in an ice cream truck. The truck was to trick the cats into coming up to it. Then I’d grab them and throw them in the freezer.

Possible meaning: ice cream=tasty stuff; cats=good things

I got in an accident and ended up with a huge hole straight through my chest. Rather than fix it, we played a game where you would throw the ball through my chest hole to the other person.

Possible meaning: hole=problem, game=fun

I don’t remember my dreams, but if they’re anything like Zaque’s, I’m really missing out…