Microsoft is such a riot. They paid for yet another study comparing Windows to Linux, and– surprise!— the study concluded that Windows can be recovered more quickly from a hack or other disaster.

My favorite quote regarding the study comes from some Microsoftian:

“I’m not saying Linux is not reliable, In fact, both operating systems tend to do so well in general uptime comparisons that faults have to be introduced in order to gauge reliability.”

Windows does “well” in uptime? That’s patently false in my experience. I have had Linux servers run for over a year without being rebooted a single time; my current hosting servers have been running non-stop for three months (and that’s only because I physically moved them to a new location in February). On the other hand, I personally know several companies whose Windows servers are scheduled to reboot themselves nightly so there aren’t problems in the morning when everyone comes into the office.

Ahh, Microsoft, we laugh heartily at your games and tactics…