I’m gonna be rich! Or, something

I just got an email from some random guy who said:

I am Attorney representing the late Eng. Michael A. Schroeder, who died during the 2004 tsunami while on vacation with his family in Thailand. He seems to be related to you hence I have contacted you to discuss this matter with you.

I don’t know what “Eng.” means– maybe Michael was an engineer? Or perhaps he was English. Or a really engaging conversationalist. Or an enigmatic sort of guy.

In any case, I suspect that when I respond I’ll learn that Michael had a lot of money, and the Attorney (capital “A”) representing him is going to offer to split it with me in a clever and very professional-sounding scheme. Personally, if the Attorney representing my estate waits fifteen years before contacting my heirs, I’m going to come down from heaven and give him a stern talking-to.