It’s official. I’m not a home improvement guy.

Over the past few days I “worked on the house” to run wiring between the stereo and my office, and between the loft and my office. For the former, I wanted big speakers downstairs and MP3’s upstairs; for the latter I wanted ethernet access that didn’t involve a wire draped out the second-floor window.

How hard could it possibly be to drill a few holes, install a few face plates on the wall, and plug in the wires? Well, apparently it’s much worse than I imagined. I ended up drilling into studs, measuring wrong, punching holes through the drywall, and generally getting frustrated with my complete lack of ability.

It’s not rocket science.

Anyway, all the holes are patched, all the face plates are screwed in, and all the wires seem to work. But if I can’t do something this simple, I sure as heck shouldn’t try something more complex…