In a classic e-mail “oops”, someone at Hain Celestial accidentally sent a meeting reminder (notice?) to a local Linux user’s group– with membership in the thousands. Boy, there’s nothing like blundering in front of a huge audience like that.

The funny thing is that I know this guy, since I worked with him on a project a long time ago. He’s pretty savvy, so I can only imagine it was a complete accident and right now he’s wondering what to do about it…

But perhaps the best part of the message is the classic idiotic legal disclaimer:

“This e-mail is sent by The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries, and may contain information that is privileged and/ or confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, please do not review, disclose, copy or distribute. Please delete the e-mail and any attachments and notify us immediately.”

So… I’m thinking I’m not the “intended recipient”. But of course by the time I’ve read the disclaimer I’ve already violated it, since I’ve “reviewed” the message. Dang. Now the Hain lawyers are going to be all over me. And, of course it makes me wonder whether I should follow the last instructions and notify the guy… imagine having a couple thousand Linux users on the newsgroup all writing to you to basically inform you that you’re a doofus.