Well, today is 4/20, and since marijuana is legal here in Colorado, there’s probably a pall of smoke hanging over the state. But now that Cheba Hut has come to town, I decided to make a new family tradition to head over there for lunch on 4/20.

Cheba Hut is a marijuana-themed sandwich shop. Yeah. As it happens, though, their sandwiches are really good. So if you can ignore all the counter-culture stuff plastered everywhere, and the wall pictures and paintings depicting people smoking weed, it’s worth it. Laralee has been out to eat a couple of times this week, and that’s kind of her limit, so she passed. Zaque was heading out to play Dungeons and Dragons with friends (his usual Saturday activity). So that left Kyra, who was happy to accompany me in my new tradition.

We ordered some sandwiches and enjoyed sitting on the patio– the weather is beautiful today.

In recognition of this questionable “holiday”, Cheba Hut was giving out frisbees as trays for the food. Of course they were horrible– not at all appropriate for ultimate– but Kyra insisted on keeping hers.

I told her she’d better darn well take it to college with her, because La and I are trying to de-clutter the house and the last thing we need is a crummy green plastic frisbee. She promised she’d take it, but then admitted that in fact she’ll probably hide it somewhere in the house before she leaves, in which case I told her I’d send her the video of me burning it into a lumpy green pile of goo.

Frisbees aside, it was fun to have a good lunch with my favorite daughter. Happy 420 Day!