… So I’m using a new media player on my KDE system, and it’s completely awesome. It’s called AmaroK (open source, naturally) and it does absolutely everything you could imagine a media player doing. In addition to creating every different kind of catalog– by artist, by album, by genre, by associated kinds of music– it includes the ability to store album covers and lyrics.

It gets the album covers, as far as I can tell, by querying the Amazon engine and picking the most likely candidate from their huge collection of CD’s. It does surprisingly well, although now and again it picks a really interesting one (typically on “greatest hits” collections, of which I have a lot, because I assume it finds other greatest-hits CD’s that almost match).

But nothing prepared me for this album cover, which came completely out of the blue. In a sad, sick kind of way I’d like to hear something from this album. Who knows what the “Latin Playerz” have in store…