Last night I posted a job “opening” for a PHP/MySQL developer to help me in my busy times. I made it very clear that I wanted experienced PHP/MySQL programmers, and that I don’t have any steady work– just intermittent projects.

The posting has been sitting out there for a few hours, and not surprisingly I’ve been inundated with resumes. Many of the people are well-qualified, and I’m trying to sort through the ocean of mediocrity to find the gems who would be exactly what I need.

Several interesting responses:

* A Romanian company who says I should consider using Romanian developers because the pay rates over there are much lower. (This guy also called and left a long message in broken English.)

* Someone who said, and I quote: “In your list of absolutely required skills you list MySQL, which I lack…”

* Several people who are new to PHP but seem to think “absolutely required” somehow equates to “just learning”.