Since I put some new spam filters in place on my mail servers, I’ve been receiving only one or two spam messages a day. What a fabulous improvement over the past, but in a way it’s sad not to see all those idiotic notes from Nigerian bankers and whatnot.

In one of today’s sparse messages, I saw this great introduction:

All informations are protected with security policy.

Costless to stock up Rxx to your critical syndrome!
Before 40hrs, it should be reached at your place.
Top medicinal at low-priced.

Buy from us, Get FOC check up.

Wow. So they protect all my “informations” with a security policy! Not a security system, mind you– just a policy. Heaven knows what that policy is; it’s probably something like “We’ll share all your informations with our special partners, associates, and that bum living down on the grate outside our office.”

And I have no idea what an “FOC check up” is, but it sounds painful. Or scary. Or both.