We’ve lived in this house for just over six months now, and it’s time to start making some serious changes. The former owners really liked the color green– specifically, mint green— and had matching carpet, walls, and furniture. We replaced the carpet before we even moved in, and we’re about to re-paint the walls.

The challenge, of course, is that we have a 40-foot cathedral ceiling in the great room, and it’s pretty much impossible for me to visualize what it might look like if we paint such a huge surface. That’s compounded by the difficulty of looking at tiny paint swatches to see if the color is good.

But we selected some colors, and yesterday we went to the paint store to pick up some sample jars and sample squares. I painted the squares and we were able to at least have a larger swatch:

It’s still hard to tell, but we moved around the house and put the swatches in various places (testing lighting conditions). We feel pretty good about them. The painter is scheduled to start in a week, complete with a scissor truck to reach the 40-foot ceiling. This will certainly be an adventure.