Saltine challenge

I was chatting with Zaque today, and somehow we got on the topic of the Saltine Challenge. Back in college, my friend Zvonko and I challenged each other to see who could eat the most saltines without any other food or drink. (Hey, we were at Denny’s at 2am. Also, that’s the kind of stuff you do in college.) I remember losing– I think he polished off 14 and I only got through 12.

Zaque told me his Saltine Challenge is to see if you can eat six saltines in sixty seconds. It doesn’t sound too hard, right? Well. Kyra and I sat down this evening to give it a go. Pepper is above this sort of thing, so she just watched and laughed at us.

After sixty seconds of half-chewed salty mush in my mouth, I had to admit defeat. I finished four of the six; Kyra only ate three.

She insists that, with practice, she could do it. Apparently she’s going to work on it tomorrow.