Could the end be in sight?

Congressman John Murtha is taking a stand against the Bush administration’s strategy of endless rhetoric and endless occupation of Iraq by American troops. He took the House floor today and demanded that U.S. soldiers be immediately withdrawn from Iraq. What’s interesting here is that he’s not only a decorated Vietnam veteran, but he’s been known for the last thirty years as a “hawk”. He voted in favor of the Persian Gulf war, as well as the Iraq occupation.

I guess he’s had enough, like so many other Americans. Time for Bush and Cheney to stop this continued stonewalling about “until the mission is accomplished” and consider the real impact this war is having– not only on American morale, but on the troops themselves and of course on the Iraqi people.

In all likelihood, of course, this is a futile gesture and the referendum will be voted down by Congress. Even with Bush’s popularity plummeting, he still manages to carry some clout with his cronies.