The article about me showed up in today’s issue of the Longmont Times-Call. It turned out really good, although I was (sadly) not the “top” story. Still, the three other companies featured in the article all had several employees, had been around for many years, and had done millions of dollars in business. The fact that I was in such company was certainly good news in itself.

Now I have to try to capitalize on the “media coverage” I’ve been getting. This marks the third time in six months that I’ve been featured in an article somewhere– first a page in the UMR alumni magazine, then a quick blurb in the Rocky Mountain News, and now an article in the local paper. I spent a little time tonight scanning each article, cleaning them up, and getting them ready to post on my (new and improved!) web site; in addition, I’ll probably convert them to PDFs and send them to a few clients just for fun.

Today’s stuff was courtesy of Stef, my friend and “PR agent”. She’s thrown my name around a few circles, and she’s (obviously) good at what she does, so I’m getting results like this. Hopefully my popularity– if you can call it that– will continue to spread and the work will start to pour in.