I had a surreal e-mail message in my box this morning. In it, some woman I don’t know wrote to me asking if I could help her buy a home computer. Quoting from part of her note:

Well it seems that when I talk about this computer to several different people – they have all told me the same thing which I quote  ” Why are you buying a computer from HP – Don’t you know about Neobox – They can build you a computer for the same price that would be a better computer”  I have talked to a gentleman named Brad (Conductor for  the railroad)  He said yes – ask for Jeff he is great.  Also the guys at the furniture store in Willis – Mike Attkins, Gene said Jeff will hook you up he is great.

Wow. Such glowing recommendations from… people I don’t know. Brad, the conductor for the railroad? Mike, the furniture guy in Willis? Where the heck is Willis?

But, since I’m generally a nice guy, I wrote back explaining that’s just not what I do, gave a few recommendations about how she should go about finding a nice cheap home computer, and wished her luck. Hopefully she’ll end up with a great system, and hopefully Brad, Mike, and Gene will stop recommending me…