Today’s political wrap-up:

Bush: Dubai rules! Give ’em the ports!
Congress: Blow it out your ear, Dubya.
Bush: I’ll veto it. I swear.
Congress: Fine. Here’s your $90B bill for the war. Notice that attached clause about the ports.
Bush: Hmm. Crap.

And in related news:

Rumsfeld: Where’s our $90B for Iraq?
Congress: What’s up with the civil war breaking out?
Rumsfeld: Umm, what civil war?
Gen. Abizaid (head of U.S. Central Command): Open your eyes, Rummy.
Rumsfeld: No, really, there’s no civil war. *

* Actual quote: “There is a high level of tension in the country, sectarian tension and conflict. But it has not yet become a civil war by most experts’ calculation.”

Sheesh. Watching this kind of stuff is like craning your neck to see the car accident on the side of the freeway.