Why is it that my little projects wind up taking ten times as long as I think they will? Tonight I sat down to put together a little book of pictures and artwork for our friends up the street. It was a simple concept: twenty pages, each with a picture (from our album) or a drawing by Alex or Kyra. A little blurb about each page, and that was it.

Elapsed time: 4 hours.

So I had to pick out the pictures. Then I had to crop them, resize them, edit them. Then I had to come up with an order. Then write the blurbs. Then lay it out on the pages. Heck, even getting WordPerfect to print properly (the pages were 6.75 x 5 inches– hardly a standard size) took a half an hour.

In the end, the finished product was pretty cool. Most of my projects turn out that way; I just don’t understand why every single one has to take so darn long…