Today the Senate agreed on a landmark bill dealing with immigration. Here are some quotes from The New York Times describing the proposed changes:

Under the agreement, illegal immigrants who have lived here for five years or more– about seven million people– would eventually be granted citizenship if they remained employed, paid fines and back taxes and learned English.

Okay, that sounds pretty good in principle, but I find it hard to believe that seven million migrant workers would be willing to pay at least five years’ worth of back taxes, additional fines, and become proficient in English. The financial burden alone would make it nearly impossible, much less the requirement to learn another language. They can just remain where they are, doing what they’re doing, speaking Spanish (or whatever) and avoiding the IRS.

Illegal immigrants who have lived here from two to five years– about three million people– would have to leave the country briefly and return as temporary workers. They would also be eligible for citizenship over time, but they would have to wait several years longer for it.

Ooh, that will work well. I’m sure it’s no big deal to deport three million people. It’s working so well with the current laws, right? Perhaps the lawmakers are assuming these immigrants will hear about the new law and decide, “Hey, that sounds great! Let’s pack up all our stuff, go back across the border, wait a while, and then come back to America.” Again, the financial burden is going to be a deal-breaker.

Those immigrants who have been here less than two years– about one million people– would be required to leave the country. They could apply for spots in the temporary worker program, but there would be no guarantee.

Umm, yeah. Because once again we all know how effective our border control has been for the past few decades. Why do the senators believe some new legislation that declares “if you fall within this category, you need to leave now” will suddenly work?

I don’t have an astounding solution for the whole issue, but it seems clear to me this “landmark bill” is just another piece of worthless legislation designed to cater to voters and make our Congresspersons look like they actually care about something besides corporate greed and pork-barrel projects.

I’m such a cynic.