So I guess “livestreams” are all the rage these days. That’s where people broadcast themselves doing mundane things, and other people watch them. In some cases, “other people” could be hundreds or thousands. Apparently you can make money livestreaming.

Dirk has been building a “channel” on YouTube over the past year or so, and has become pretty popular… I mean, as far as having nearly 2,000 subscribers could be called popular. (I was one of his first subscribers!) A few weeks ago he invited me to join him for a Star Wars “watch party” which he’d livestream. Basically, that means the two of us would get on a video chat call, watch the original movie, and talk about everything from the movie to our childhoods together. I’d never done something like that, but hey, what are friends for?

Tonight we did it, and basically just talked for two hours while anywhere from seven to ten people (!) watched and made comments in the YouTube chat section. Although I don’t pretend to understand why people do that, it was fun to “hang out” with my friend for a couple of hours, reminiscing about the many many times we watched the Star Wars movies together during sleepovers.

The best part was probably when someone named overlap618 made this comment:

“Nooch your friend is much funnier than you and better looking. What is his channel? UNSUBSCRIBE”

My screenshot above doesn’t exactly capture Dirk (aka Nooch) in a very flattering pose, but it does capture the comment on the right side of the video. Hilarious. I like this overlap618 character.

Anyway, it was a good time and apparently we’re going to do The Empire Strikes Back in a few weeks.

Also, he has some “notes” for me about how to do better on a livestream. Because apparently I’m now a YouTube sensation.