Hurrah for New Hampshire!

The House of Representatives of that plucky little state has just passed (217-84) a bill which prohibits the state from participating in the Real ID Act, which was passed by the U.S. Congress last fall as part of a rider on a tsunami relief bill. The Real ID Act could very well be the worst piece of legislation since the PATRIOT Act, and has far-reaching privacy implications as well as a laundry list of implementation problems ranging from security concerns to a burdensome cost on all fifty states.

Because the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution (hey Congress, remember the Constitution?) specifically says that states reserve any powers and authority not specifically granted to the federal government. This is just such a case, but of course the Department of Homeland Insecurity is strong-arming the states and waving the War on Terror flag as part of their arguments why the Real ID Act will “make America safer”.

I sincerely hope that the New Hampshire Senate passes the bill so it becomes law, and that more states follow their lead. It’s about time someone stood up for the rights of 270 million citizens.