The cherries are finally ripe!

This season got off to a slow start, with some cold, wet weather in May and June, but our trees are looking great. We went down and loaded buckets full of the deliciously sweet fruit. Here’s Alex picking a bunch:

This year we’re officially classified as organic. Last year was considered “transitional”: although we sprayed with organics, the previous year involved traditional pesticides. After hauling three buckets up to the house, Pepper and Kaitlyn went to work washing and sorting them.

Then they made a fantastic cobbler while I headed out to drop off bags of cherries at several friends’ homes. It’s become an annual tradition to share our bounty with people around us. We still have plenty in the fridge:

Unlike past years, this time we’ve arranged things so we have a picking crew coming, and then we’ll sell the crop to a guy from Missoula. If things go to plan, we’ll actually cover our costs for a change! We love the fruit, but given the amount of money we spend every year maintaining and supporting the orchard, they’re the most expensive cherries ever. Fingers crossed…