The revolution begins

We’re lazy.

Cleaning our house takes considerable effort, and we finally had enough friends tell us how much they love their robot vacuum cleaners. After some research, and an opportune deal on Amazon’s Prime Day, we picked up a robot vacuum of our own. Today I put it to work.

It doesn’t look very exciting, and it’s kind of slow, but it roams the room and maps out the floors (distinguishing between hardwood and carpeting) quite well. After about an hour and a half, it had finished cleaning our main floor. And I had to admit, it did a great job. After letting it charge up a bit, I carried it upstairs and set it to work there. From now on, we’ll just have to tote this guy between floors and let it chug around for a while. Sweet!

Of course, this is how the robot revolution begins. First they vacuum your carpets, and before you know it, they’re plotting to take over the world. But despite the existential risks, laziness wins out.