Apparently there’s a new rage in footwear these days: Nude Sandals.

Basically, they’re nothing more than thin rubber soles that stick to the bottoms of your feet using a “special water-based adhesive”. They peel off at the end of the day (without leaving a sticky residue, thankfully) and you can stick them back on tomorrow.

I’ve never been the best-dressed guy around, and it’s well known that I spend the vast majority of my days barefoot. So it’s a bit baffling why this is so revolutionary. Why not just go barefoot in the first place? Since the sandals are essentially invisible, there’s no practical way to tell if someone is wearing them or just prancing around sans footwear.

I suppose I should be grateful, actually: if these really catch on and people start going to stores and restaurants in them, there’s no reason why I couldn’t just walk around barefoot all of the time. These days I keep my sandals in the car, just in case I need to slip them on at a store… in the new world order, I wouldn’t even need to own shoes!