So today I had a conundrum: it’s Thursday, which means (of course) there’s pickup ultimate at lunch time. But I went to Zack’s preschool “graduation” party, and then Alex and Kyra’s last-day-of-school party, and wasn’t going to be able to catch the e-mail saying whether the game was a go. (We use an advanced system whereby everyone RSVP’s to a single guy about the game, and then he reports if we have enough players.)

Thinking about how I might find out the result, the light bulb of inspiration was lit and I created a mail filter that forwarded all ultimate-related e-mail messages to my cell phone– which of course I had with me at the parties. So there I was, sitting on the school lawn with the kids, and my cell phone chimed with a text message “game on”. Woo hoo!

I’m so clever.