Too lazy to catch the sunset

I looked out the window and noticed the sun was setting and the water on the lake was more still than I think I’ve ever seen it. There were amazing reflections of the snowy hills across the lake, and the orange sunset lit up the expanse of water to the southwest. I grabbed my camera and raced downstairs to get some boots and jump in the car, thinking I’d drive a couple miles to a little trail that leads down to the shoreline. That would be a fantastic spot to capture the sunset and the smooth water.

But I looked at the sun and it was probably only ten minutes from slipping behind the horizon. I was too late. By the time I drove to the trail and hiked down, it would be gone. Oh well. I sadly put the camera away.

After maybe fifteen minutes, I glanced outside again and was startled by the sunset. It was even more brilliant than before. Far too late to get to the waterline, I grabbed my camera again and walked outside. Unfortunately the sun is far to the south this time of year, and the trees surrounding our house block much of the view. I snapped a few shots, disappointed that I hadn’t just committed to the hike.

Perhaps five minutes after that, the clouds were tinged with pink and the darkening sky was a brilliant orange. It was spectacular. And I wished I was at the foot of the trail.

Next time, I won’t be lazy.