Today, apparently, is Father’s Day. This evening we returned from our nine-day jaunt through the Southwest, and the kids quickly went to work making Father’s Day gifts for me. After dinner we had a grand party while I opened them.

Alex gave me a couple of his most prized rocks from his rock collection.

Kyra made a bird feeder from half of a two-liter bottle and some construction paper, and even included the birdseed.

Zack boxed up a few things and presented them to me. In the box were:

  • a red plastic comb
  • a marble
  • a Koosh ball
  • a fingernail clipper
  • one half-liter of bottled water
  • When I commented about how exciting these items were, he proudly told me that he gave them to me so I could have “my very own”.

    Ahh, kids. They’re such a riot.