So Tuesday the NRO launched its latest super-secret spy satellite. Here’s a snippet from an AP article:

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – A classified satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office was launched into space Tuesday night aboard a Boeing Delta 4 rocket. The purpose of the mission was not revealed.

It was not immediately known whether the satellite entered its planned orbit. Calls to the NRO were not immediately returned late Tuesday.

It’s funny that some reporter would call the NRO to ask about it. One can just imagine how that conversation would have gone:

NRO: Hello, National Reconnaissance Office.
Reporter: Hello, I’m a reporter.
NRO: Splendid! How can we help you?
Reporter: I’m just wondering about that super-secret satellite you launched…
NRO: Yes?
Reporter: Did it enter its planned orbit?
NRO: You bet. Everything’s working great.
Reporter: Can you tell me what the satellite actually does?
Reporter: Hello?