Valentine’s Day was fun as always. We made heart-shaped sugar cookies with the kids. Kyra had her friend Amanda over, and they decorated them (and of course ate several in the process). We gave some to friends’ kids, and hoarded the rest.

Laralee hid little Valentine notes around the house… well, that’s not exactly accurate. She wrote the little notes, and the kids hid them. Then they’d come up to me and say things like “Dad, don’t you need to use your stapler?” When I said I didn’t really, but thanks for asking, they’d insist, “No, I think you should get out your stapler and staple something.” Lo and behold, there was a little note under the stapler. Et cetera.

And I, being the incurable romantic that I am, rented “The Bourne Identity” for us to watch. What a terrifically romantic movie…