People are funny about spam. Since I run about a dozen domains for various personal things, there are spammers out there who invent addresses on those domains and send their crap. The downside is every now and then someone gets all mad at me because they think I’m the one sending the spam, when in fact I have nothing to do with it and moreover can’t do anything to stop it.

But today I got this message from a guy named Scott, who apparently thought that Wilfred Bolton had written to him pitching some miracle drug or stock tip. Notice that Wilfred’s e-mail address is the easy-to-remember oabdiiunjnja@davinci-projects.org, which any reasonable person would immediately recognize as something fake. But oh well, Scott sent the message in the hopes that I would remove him from “my email campaign”.

Sorry to disappoint you, Scott, but Wilfred (or one of his other made-up buddies) is probably going to continue harassing you…