It’s funny how music is tied to memory. When I hear certain songs, I can’t help but think of some crazy incident from the distant (or sometimes not-so-distant) past.

Today I was driving to a meeting and listening to a random mix of stuff. Several songs provoked hilarious memories..

Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard) — The party in Aron’s basement, circa 1989, with a bunch of foreign-exchange babes. His house was always the party house, and we were playing ping-pong and pinball and generally having a grand time. Until, that is, Mike decided to “scratch” with some of Aron’s LP’s and caused quite a reaction from Aron.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (R.E.M.) — Cruising St. Charles, also in 1989 or so, listening to the song over and over, straining to understand the lyrics so we could sing along. Screaming “Leonard Bernstein!” (at the appropriate part of the song) because everyone knows that line.

Crumblin’ Down (John Mellencamp) — The “rewritten” version we sang in 1988 or so, mocking our rather overweight German teacher, Frau Rawls. Our version went something like “When the Rawls come crumblin’ down…” We were so mean.

Thriller (Michael Jackson) — Sitting beside mom and dad’s old radio, tape recorder in hand, just waiting for the DJ to play the song so I could record it. Because it was, of course, the coolest song ever. At least for a week or so.

Good times, good times.